2018 Acura NSX – Custom Blue Lightening Vinyl Wrap

White. It’s a great color if you’re selling a used car. Every year, more white colored used cars and trucks are sold than any other color. If you are an exceptionally practical person, if your favorite flavor of ice cream is vanilla, if Muzak is your favorite musical group, then white is probably the color for you.

But if you want a little pop in your daily ride, say turn that white into Pearl or Chrome with some Carbon Fiber Black hood highlights and bumpers, you might want to consider seeing American Wheel and Tire about a custom automotive vinyl wrap. We guarantee you that vinyl wrap will blow you away.

2018 Acura NSX Vinyl Wrap

Check out this 2017 Acura NSX in a Blue Chrome wrap. The NSX is pretty sweet looking stock, but this owner wanted to take his ride to the next level. And the exceptionally talented wrappers at American Wheel and Tire pulled it off.

Look at this thing. It absolutely shimmers under street lights at night. Can you tell that it’s a wrap and not some ultra-expensive custom paint job? Of course you can’t, because our wrapper are true pros. Vinyl is an amazing material but it is tricky to perfectly apply. But if you look at all the bulge and curves on the NSX they absolutely look like that amazing color was painted on. And this amazing surface is not just on the exterior. Check out the “chrome” trim on the dash and console. That’s wrap. This owner got exactly what he wanted. For sure, there is not another Acura NSX in Houston that looks like his.

Car wraps have been around for a couple of decades, but recent improvements have made it a much more flexible material allowing it to snugly fit the curves of modern trucks and cars. Your custom paint job is limited only by the skill and artistic sensibilities of the wrapper and we have the best right here at American Wheel and Tire.

Vinyl makes sense on a lot of levels. That white F 150 you bought with resale value in mind, can now be turned into a gun metal gray with red trim, the colors you really wanted. And in 3 years when you are ready to trade in on a new truck, bring us yours and we will remove the wrap revealing a factory fresh white paint job ready for resale.

Wrap doesn’t chip. Wrap doesn’t fade. If you get into an accident, it’s far less expensive to wrap a new panel than paint the entire vehicle to ensure the paint matches. Wrap cleans up with soap and water, it doesn’t need wax, and of course you will never see clear coat blotches.

If you want to customize your ride, and protect the factory paint job, give us a call at American Wheel and Tire and let’s turn your ideas into a reality.

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