AWT Car Wraps - That’s a Horse of a Different Color

03 01, 2019
Find out more about the sick wraps at AWT

Welcome to the magical world of cool color and awesome design that is AWT car wraps!

Did you know that more white colored cars, SUVs, and pickups are sold each year than any other color? White is the best-selling color. But white is just so…well, white. You found that perfect “family sedan” in a 2019 Dodge Charger, equipped the way you wanted it and priced right. But it’s white. Dodge calls it White Knuckle, but you know it’s white, just like every third car on the road.

Well, good news. Buy that monster and bring those 485 horses over to American Wheel and Tire in Houston. Sit down with one of our wrap wizard designers, come back in a day or two, and drive out with an awesome machine that is uniquely yours! Your kids will love you. Your spouse…well, maybe he or she really likes white and will take a bit to come around.

There are a lot of practical reasons for wrapping your ride, but the big draws are the customization and coolness factors. You’re going to be driving a piece of art. You’re not dealing with a car painter, you are dealing with graphic artists and their work is only limited by your imagination. You can go with a simple change of color and new accents, or you can go as crazy and complex as you like. Regardless, you are going to ride away in a head-turning one-of-a-kind.

AWT Wraps Take Luxury and Performance to New Levels

If you own a luxury or performance ride, part of you enjoys the exclusiveness of driving a truly fine vehicle. But if you want to stand out among other luxury or performance owners, a wrap from American Wheel and Tire is a must.

We have done dozens of high-end rides including Lincoln, Cadillac, Mercedes Benz AMG, F 150 Raptors, and even a brand new Ferrari. You take pride in owning these special vehicles. That pride is going to reach new altitudes when you wrap your ride in a unique new look.

If you have a classic like a 1957 Chevy, and the surface of the body is in reasonable shape, you can bring that baby to showroom condition with an AWT wrap. Go overboard with the lightning bolts or hot flames or just create a modern finish for a classic body.

The Practical Side of a Car Wrap

 A wrap is not paint. It’s a vinyl film. At AWT we are partial to 3M’s film. It’s durable, relatively easy to work with, comes in a rainbow of colors, and has an incredible finished look. The difference between an obvious wrap job and a high-end custom paint job depends on the quality of the film, but more importantly, the talent and attention to detail of that goes into the application. We think we have the best wrap artists (no not that kind) in Houston.

Aside from having the greatest designers and applicators, an AWT car wrap offers:

  • Say goodbye to chips and door dings. Vinyl surfaces resist the attacks that your vehicle faces every day.
  • Never wax again. Vinyl is easy to maintain and a simple hand wash with soapy water brings it back to showroom condition.
  • Countless color and design options. You are not limited to manufacturer’s colors and accent schemes. Make your own. 
  • After 3 or 4 years and you are ready to trade it in, you can keep your custom treatment on or we can remove it revealing factory fresh paint on a 4-year-old car. The value of your “White Knuckle” Charger just went up!

Interested? Want to learn more? Contact us today and let’s chat about how we can turn your pride and joy into a real show stopper!

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