AWT to Launch New Website – Good Morning America!

03 01, 2019

American Wheel and Tire have come a long way from that little 1985 mom and son shop in Houston that had a stack of wheels, 500 tires, and a dream. We’re still family-owned, and wheels and tires are still a big part of what we do but…we do so much more now. We just have to tell people!

So, we will soon be launching our new e-commerce site that will allow automotive enthusiasts from all over the country to tap into our amazing inventory of parts. And we have a ton of parts, all of which will be available online on the new site. If you have a need for off-road, performance, or exotic components, or you just need a part for your minivan, our new, easy to use online ordering form is your gateway to great values.

With over 300,000 part numbers in our database (including the complete Holley line), and a search filter that guarantees you the right part for your ride, AWT truly becomes America’s one-stop-parts-shop! Learn why so many Houstonian auto enthusiasts trust AWT for quality, service, and the best bargains around!

New Services Available

We’re using the launch of the new site to announce we are officially adding new services for our Houston area customers. We’ve been doing these services on a one-off basis at the request of customers. Now we have gone all in and have staffed upped and equipped to do them full time.

Leather Installation

For years we’ve had customers come to the shop for service or to have parts installed, or even new wheels and tires ask us if we could upgrade their interior with a splash of leather. So for years we have been installing leather trim and full leather seats, leather wrapped steering wheels, side panels, leather dashes, and custom leather projects. We are currently doing a 1965 Lincoln drop top in red leather!

So we decided to make this a real part of our service menu. We have partnered with three excellent leather suppliers, Pecca, Alea, and Katzkin, and we are ready to take on any leather project you may want!

AWT Car Wraps

We’ve been doing automotive paint projects and Kevlar coatings for some time, but we’ve had more and more requests for car wraps. We’ve got the talent and we use 3M film which, aside from coming in a rainbow of colors, is one of the easiest to work with and most durable. If you’re looking to give your ride a unique look, sit down with one of our designers and let’s see what the possibilities are.

People love the exclusive appearance that wrapping provides, but they also love that it can be done in a day or two and cost significantly less than a standard paint job. Toss in the fact that vinyl is chip resistant and protects the paint job under it, and a wrap job makes more and more sense.

Dynojet Dyno Tuning

Okay, tuning is something we have always done, but we wanted to take this opportunity to announce we have installed an in-ground Dynojet dyno. That’s a big commitment for our tuning operation. Not many tuners have an inground dyno much less a class-leading dyno like the Dynojet. We can now do real-time tuning in a controlled environment that means faster, more effective, more powerful results. Stay tuned for our “Dyno Nights” which will be coming soon to our AWT Motorsport facility.

There’s a lot going on at AWT but we have really only begun. We want to thank our loyal customers for their support and, with our new e-commerce parts service, we look forward to adding many more from all over the country

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