Custom Wheels and Tires – A Crew Cab With a View

The 2017 Ford 350 Platinum Super Duty is one serious 4x4 pickup truck. It’s tough, it’s rugged and no other truck in its class can match its towing capabilities. The Platinum was a new trim for 2017 and it came with a ton of new features including a stronger frame, gutsier engine options, a carload of luxury treatments inside the cabin, and some pretty spiffy technology. On paper, it looked like it had it all.

Ford F-350

So, when a customer pulled into our Houston shop, we wondered just what he more he could be looking for. As it turns out, he was looking for a better view.

Okay he wanted more than a just a view, but we started out there. In order to get that view, you have to get your ride higher. The way you get a higher ride (and greater clearance) is to slap on some bigger tires. But to get the tires this customer was looking for, the wizards at American Wheel and Tire had to first raise the truck in order make room for them to fit.

The customer is an off-road enthusiast, but he also has to deal with Houston’s I-10 traffic on a daily basis. What we wanted to do was find a way that would give him the improved handling and clearance on the trail but not at the expense of street driving ride or steering. We put together a package of products that delivers exactly what the customer wanted.

When Wizards go to Work

First up was the installation of a Pro Comp 6” lift kit custom crafted for a 2017 F 350 Platinum 4x4. We really like the Pro Comp kits because they are engineered by off-road enthusiasts who understand the challenges of real-world use and abuse.

With an extra 6 inches to play with, we were able to wrap monster Mud -Terrain Nitto Trail 128Q 37/11.50R20 tires around black and machine milled Fuel Maverick 20” wheels and Fuel Dually 20” Inner wheels. The Nitto Trail Grapplers offer exciting off-road capabilities but also provide a quiet ride for the driver who has to face a daily commute.

  • Pro Comp 6” Lift Kit
  • Nitto Trail 128Q 37/11.50R20 Tires
  • Fuel Maverick 20” Wheels
  • Fuel Dually Inner 20” Wheels

When we were done, that F 350 was looking awesome. It had a taller, more aggressive stance, scary big tires, hot wheels, and one very happy owner. If you want to have a one-off feature added to your truck or car to make it as unique as you are, contact us at American Wheel and Tire now!

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