Private Label – Need Tires on a Budget?

03 01, 2019
On a budget? Pick up a set of private label tires at dramatically lower prices, sometimes up to 50%, than brand name rubber.

Private Label – Need Tires on a Budget?

If you need new rubber on your wheels but brand name tires are just out of your reach money-wise, it’s time to check out AWT’s selection of “private label” tires. You can get private label tires at dramatically lower prices, sometimes up to 50%, than brand name rubber.

Have an older car you want to sell. Slap on some private label tires from AWT. Those deep treads will instantly increase its appeal and make selling it a much faster process. Call us today to see if we have your size tire in our stock of private label tires.

Who Makes Private Label Tires?

The key to a tire maker’s success, or any manufacturer or fabricator for that matter, is efficiency in the manufacturing process. Getting the most out of their machines and processes running the plant at capacity is the best way to ensure efficiency. Unfortunately, sales of the branded tire rarely max out capacity.

So what they do, is use the same machines and the same people who make their branded tires, to make a “private label” tire which they sell to another company to market. Or, they create their own “private label” brand, usually with a lesser warranty, and sell it as a bargain tire buy. Private label tires make up about 17% of all tires sold in the U.S.

If a branded tire company didn’t sell private label inventory, their factories would be less efficient and more expensive to operate meaning they would have to raise the price of their branded tire. Their dilemma is your opportunity to pick up real bargains on replacement tires.

AWT – Your One Stop Wheel and Tire Shop

American Wheel and Tire opened in Houston in 1985 with a stack of wheels and 500 tires. Their focus on quality products and service, value, and a complete commitment to customer satisfaction have built a big base of great customers and a shop that has thousands of wheels and thousands of tires to choose from.

We’re known for our aggressive pricing, but for our lowest pricing, check out our Private Label brands or our inventory of “take offs,” another way to save big bucks on brand tires and wheels.

If it’s time for new tires, give us a call today and let’s chat!

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