Take Offs – New Wheels and Tires that Need a Home

03 01, 2019
Find out more about one of the largest wheel and tire dealers in the Houston area.

Not surprisingly, American Wheel and Tire does a huge amount of wheel and tire business. We are one of the largest wheel and tire dealers in the Houston area and we are known for our unbelievable pricing. What may come as a surprise is the number of customers with brand new vehicles who want to swap out the stock tires and/or wheels. 

These customers typically have purchased an off-road truck or SUV or they have a new luxury car. They have invested in an upscale ride, and for one reason or another, are not satisfied with the stock all season tire or manufacturer’s wheel. The off-roaders want bigger or wider rubber meaning they also need wheels that fit. The luxury drivers want distinctive, eye turning wheels and performance tires.

They come to us to get refitted because they know we have a massive selection of both wheels and tires in stock and we can fit them out in a hurry. We offer a trade in credit on the tire or wheel they are replacing, meaning we have a pile of brand-new tires and wheels that we can resell at a steep cut in retail price.

Ready for New Tires or Wheels?

Has the tread on your vehicle’s rubber seen better days? Have you scrapped up your wheels on the trail? Are you’re happy with all season tires? If the answer is yes you have to check out the deals we have on “take offs.” It doesn’t matter what kind of ride you have, we probably have a take off for it. We have everything from 20” F250 wheels with brand new tires, to 2019 Mercedes AMG wheels and tires.

Avoid the high cost of new tires and wheels. Call us today and check out our “take off” inventory and the incredible prices we can offer you. You’ll be happy you did.

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