The Peacemaker Package – Taking the F 150 Raptor to Super Truck Status

Ford’s F 150 Raptor is the hottest 4x4 off-road pickup on the market today. It’s already earned a reputation for dirt kicking, rock crawling, desert ripping, adrenaline charged thrills and that’s the stuff that inspires us. When the Raptor first hit the streets, we knew we had the raw material that could be shaped into an incredible, amazingly powerful, super truck.

And that’s when the Peacemaker Build was born.

At American Wheel and Tire we take great pride in the Peacemaker. We think it represents the best of what we do. We created four versions of the Peacemaker, each designed to fit a particular off-road style but all capable of delivering grin inspiring performance.

How do we do it? We install performance parts like high-flow down pipe assemblies, dual inlet cold air induction kits, custom exhaust systems, custom suspension systems, and much more from quality manufacturers like, Rigid Industries, Baja Bumpers, Road Force, RBP and others. The wizards at American Wheel and Tire tune, install and test equipment designed to optimize the ride experience. Throttle tuning, engine calibration systems, installing intercooling and piping systems, and installing lift kits are examples of the kind of magic they work. The idea is to take the combined benefits of each of these components to enhance the overall performance. And that’s what a Peacemaker packages do.

The Peacemaker


Peacemaker Raptor 600 HP Package

This one is for drivers with a need for speed. At the heart of this build is juicing up the stock engine from 450 hp to a massive 600 hp and stock torque of 510 lb-ft to stump pulling 620 lb-ft of torque. When you take a hot ride like the Raptor and add 150 hp you get acceleration that will push your eyes back in their sockets! That’s pretty super. But when you consider what’s under the body allows this truck to blast over dirt and gravel as fast as pavement, then you have 4x4 super.


Peacemaker Raptor 500 HP Package

This Peacemaker has many of the same features as the 600 HP build, just scaled back a bit to make it a more civilized daily ride as well as an off-road tiger. The boost in horsepower goes from 450 hp stock to 500 horses and torque bumps up from 510 lb-ft to 525 lb-ft. It has the same eye-grabbing aggressive look, Peacemaker graphics, tinted windows, and impressive grill. You’re going to love this build.

Baja 1

Baja 1 Peacemaker Package

Baja conjures up images of flying over dunes and kicking up sand. The Baja 1 package gives the off-roader a ride that both looks the part and has the guts to get ripping on a trail. At the same time, the Baja 1 Peacemaker Raptor is right at home on asphalt and concrete and makes an excellent daily ride. It’s dressed up with Baja front and rear bumpers loaded with LED lights, tinted windows, Peacemaker graphics, and custom Peacemaker logo floor liners. We’ve given it a 2.5” front coil lift, custom 20” wheels wrapped in 35 x 12.50R20 Off-Road Tires to enhance both looks and off-road performance. If you want something a bit more radical, then have a look at the Baja 2 build.

Baja 2

Baja 2 Peacemaker Package

This is the Baja 1 on steroids. You can see the difference in the bigger, bulked up profile. That’s the result of a 4” lift and a custom wheel package that includes custom 20” black wheels wrapped in 37 x 13.50R20 Off-road tires. This beast is looking for some dirt to run over. Those 37” tires are massive which means a Road Force balancing and an adjustment in calibration of the TPMS. Baja Outer Bumper Bars with LED lighting, Baja Rear Bumper with LED lighting, tinted windows, Peacemaker graphics, and custom Peacemaker logo floor liners dress up this off-road dream.

The Peacemaker has a strong following in the world of Ford trucks. You can grab one of these unique builds direct from American Wheel and Tire or from one of our dealer partners. Give us a call today for more info on all four of these Peacemaker builds.

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