Tuning Service – 2017 Ferrari 488

November 01, 2018
The Ferrari brand is known for two things, racing and humongous sticker prices. So, when this guy pulled into our Houston shop in a 2017 Ferrari 488 GTX, a beautiful piece of satin black greased lightning, we wondered why this big spender wasn’t going to Ferrari for service. As it turns out, he had heard about our tuner shop services and he was in the market for a performance tune. He said his 660 hp 3.9L V8 that generated a top speed of 211 mph is… y’know, too slow. 
Ferrari 488 at AWT
Ferrari 488 at AWT

Never ones to turn down a challenge, the wizards put together a plan to squeeze some more go-fast out of this rocket ship. Step one was to access the Ferrari’s ECU and doing a bit of remapping ensuring the power increase would not exceed the torque limit of the 7-speed transmission. Next up was improving the performance of the Ferrari’s turbocharger. Installation of a new downpipe straightened the exhaust path somewhat allowing the turbocharger to spool up faster and a new full exhaust not only sounded awesome but worked almost like an afterburner. A ride on the Dyno showed just under 750 hp!

Ferrari 488 at AWT

Part II of this trip to the tune shop, was the owner’s desire to lower the Ferrari a bit. If you take a look at one of the profile pictures, you’ll see we got that job done. We did it by installing Novatec coilovers, a product specifically designed for the Ferrari 488.

Of course, if you lower the ride you need new tires and wheels that fit. For that we turned to HRE P107 wheels in satin black complete with Ferrari logo in the hub.
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We wrapped these amazing wheels in tires from Pirelli. Pirelli manufactures tires for specific models of Ferrari with treads designed to ensure maximum grip, minimum hydroplaning, and solid cornering.

The net result, a more powerful ride with an awesome profile. The owner was delighted.

-    Custom Tuner
-    Novatech Coilovers
-    HRE Wheels
-    Exhaust – Downpipe and Full Exhaust
-    Pirelli Tires
-    Performance Tune

If you would like to get more performance out of your ride, give us a call at American Wheel and Tire and speak to one of our tuners. We’ll be happy to share the possibilities with you.

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